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WOW Wall Decor™ is a new, high quality, artistic, durable and eco friendly 3D wall art product taking interior design to a new level. The concept of creating 3D wall art panels that can be applied to flat walls is one that has always fascinated us because flat walls are plainly boring. In this respect the current trend of enhancing interior environments in restaurants, clubs and hotels with a wide range of 3D panels is testimony to the sea of change that is impacting interior design.
Interior designers believe that rooms should have a central focal point of interest, from which all other elements flow. A feature wall in 3D wall panels is an easy way to achieve this. WOW Wall Decor™ offers a dramatic alternative to flat wall panels. Combine 3D wall decor panels with creative lighting and the results are spectacular. With strong 3D effect, 3D wall decor panels can bring life to your walls..Be inspired by the many combinations of designs and finishes available, allowing you to create your own distinctive wall décor.
Our passion is to help people create stunning feature walls for their home or business, that allows them to express their personality or brand through their choice of pattern, colour and finish.
WOW Wall Decor™ marks the beginning of a new trend of wall furnishings.

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